Where it all began

American recording artist, songwriter, and entrepreneur, Gotti, born Mwata Mitchell, is a Chicago native, born and raised out of the city’s Westside. After several incidents with the law, Gotti turned to rap at the age of 21, launching his career with fellow artist, Sabrian “Boo” Sledge, in 2000. That same year, during a game that would change his life, Gotti was invited to play basketball with R. Kelly, from which a record deal was born in 2000 leading into the number-one single, “Fiesta” (2001).

In 2000, the hip-hop duo debuted as Boo & Gotti with a guest appearance on R. Kelly’s number-one hit, “I Wish – Remix.” From there, they recorded alongside Jay-Z in R. Kelly’s single, “Fiesta,” which topped the US R&B chart at number-one for five straight weeks. Building off of their early success, Boo & Gotti would go on to record major tracks for The Fast and Furious soundtrack while continuing collaboration with recording artists R. Kelly, Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne, Ja Rule, Big Tymer, Jermaine Dupri, and Usher.

After the outstanding performance of “Fiesta,” the pair signed onto Cash Money Records leading to their debut album Perfect Timing (2003) featuring Lil Wayne. They would appear on Birdman’s first album ever, Birdman (2002) and record a single with recording artist Baby for the Undisputed soundtrack. In 2008, Gotti would go on to ghost write records for major artists after a friendly break from fellow recording artist Boo.

In 2010, Gotti burst back into the music industry with mixtape Gotti Obama hosted by Lil Wayne and two years later recorded Gotti McFly, featuring artists Jim Jones, Nelly, R. Kelly, TI, Slim Thug, 8Ball & MJG, and Young Scooter.

Today, Gotti is producing his latest album, set to be released by the end of 2016. Can’t wait that long? Check out Gotti’s most recent singles available on iTunes and Amazon!

Gotti is also the founder of G-Enterprises Productions LLC, G Enterprises Consulting LLC, G Enterprises Publishing LLC, and G Enterprises Real Estate LLC.

Instagram: @whoisgotti